First Blog Post Ever! (Gratitude)

Being this is my first blog post, I feel extremely excited and grateful. As a way for me to express my gratitude, I will be giving away free content from my newest book 14 Real Life Superpowers: Activate your inner superhero to accomplish your goals and live the life of your dreams Here’s an excerpt from the chapter “Gratitude.” Check it out here and now.


Daily practices to empower gratitude:

            Use gratitude as often as you can. You can practice gratitude whenever you have alone time with yourself. Go through and say all the things that you are grateful for no matter how minute or grand they may appear to be. When you say, out loud or to yourself, all that you’re grateful for, radiate the feeling behind why you’re grateful for it. The more frequent you feel grateful now, the more frequent you’ll feel grateful in the future. You can analyze and feel all of the things you happen to be grateful for in the shower, in the car, in bed, while you’re in the bathroom, you can be anywhere and express gratitude—it is a very easy habit to pick up.

            Give gratitude to others by sending a text or a letter to someone. Explain to them why you are grateful to have them in your life. Another act of gratitude you can do for a friend or relative whom you feel gratitude for is to buy them a gift, a nice dinner, or a service such as a massage or yoga class. Sometimes when you yourself provide the act of service for them it’s the perfect way to say thank you. One great idea a child can do for their parents is to complete all their chores and more without having to be told to do so. A boss of a company can express his gratitude towards his employees by submitting raises, giving out bonuses, rewarding outstanding work with recognition, and/or throwing a company party.

            Practice emitting the feeling of joyful appreciation of what you have and of what you want. Imagine the feeling of having what you desire right now.

 If you want something try to tap into the vibration of having it already. Visualize and analyze anything you will soon be grateful for, this is a fun and healthy practice.

            Throughout your day, look at actions done by yourself, others, and nature which you truly appreciate. It can be as minuscule as someone holding the door or as grand and cliché as being thankful for your mom for giving birth to you.

            A great way to empower your sense of gratitude to find what you appreciate about yourself. The more you recognize and express the aspects of yourself which you are grateful for, the more others will recognize and express their gratitude for you. Put gratitude into practice as frequently as possible.


Thanks for reading my blog be sure to comment on what your grateful for.

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