“If you can’t land that dream internship or job, hire yourself!” – Idea of the Moment

If you can’t get the job or internship of your dreams, then become your own boss and hire yourself! Give yourself an internship, your very own personal internship. Give yourself a set amount of hours, every week, to commit to your personal internship. Commit any amount of time, be it 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours, or 60 hours…the amount of time does not matter, consistency does. Do as much as you feel comfortable with and stick to it; just be sure to commit a set amount of hours a week to work for your personal internship, as you would with any other job.

This personal internship should be fun, so do what you love, but take your work seriously.  Any work you put forward in your internship is a commitment to your future success. Be as serious about the work you are doing as you are about succeeding in your desired field.
How to go about doing a personal internship? 
4 basic steps: “Learn, Practice, Network, Repeat.”
Sounds simple, it is. The more challenging aspect is, of course, the execution, remaining consistently ambitious, and fueled with the desire to become better and better. Commit to your personal internship like you would commit to a job or internship that you would have to get in the car and drive to.
First step: “Learn” -Educate yourself on the topic of your personal internship. Invest in your knowledge and understanding of what you are pursuing. There are great sites where you can pay for classes and workshops and some that offer free videos and tutorials. Sites such as Lynda.com and udemy.com, amongst many other sites, offer classes in a variety of fields. Even YouTube can be a great resource for free classes and content.  If you want to make clothing, for example, watch as many videos on sewing as you can, read books, read blogs, take classes, learn the techniques, learn the materials, and as you learn your craft, you will find a style which will ultimately be what differentiates you from the competition. You will become what makes you uniquely you. This style will become your niche and will be the reason others seek you out for work.
Step 2: “Practice” – Take what you learn and apply it. If you want to make clothing, then after your done reading about sewing, get the sewing machine out and start sewing. Knowledge attained through experience is a lot more valuable than knowledge attained by consuming the information from video, writings, etc… Be persistent and consistent in your approach to this crucial step in your personal internship. Clock in and clock out, give yourself set hours each week and clear goals and deadlines.
Step 3: “Network” – Reach out to others in your community. It can only help to gain insights, feedback, inspiration, an audience, and, if you search hard enough, a real life mentor. Put yourself out there and participate in the community and field that you want to be in.
Step 4: “Repeat” – Make a commitment, a commitment to yourself to constantly grow and become better and better and better. Redefine greatness for yourself and others around you and, again, do what you love because if you do what you love, this step is so easy. You will persevere through the challenges that arise on your journey to success, and the idea of quitting will not be an option. Quitting will not be a option because to do anything else wouldn’t be as good as doing what you love.

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