“Courage: Real Life Superhero Power of the Moment”

“Courage: Real Life Superhero Power of the Moment”

Courage: a real life superhero power! A power we all have within us. Below is a section out of the chapter on courage in my book “14 Real Life Superpowers.” The section I choose to share with you is called, “What are the benefits of empowered courage?”

I am giving this content away for free! On my blog this section is 100% free in hopes that it will help bring about great courage in your life.

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What are the benefits of empowered courage?

Having courage in relation to accomplishing goals is like needing gas for a car to get you to a destination. Courage is a candle light in a dark room clouded by fears. Courage gives you the ability to navigate through a world of worry, like windshield wipers in a thick storm. Courage clears your view from the millions of rain droplets of worry, allowing you to push forward towards your destination. The absence of courage would put anyone at the mercy of their own fears. The absence of courage would also bring a journey of desires and goal accomplishing to a screeching halt. Similar to a car in a rain storm without any windshield wipers; you would bring your car to a screeching halt.

Courage allows you to overcome challenging obstacles. Without courage most difficult obstacles, those you desire to overcome, won’t even be attempted. Empower your courage and make an agreement with yourself that you will not let challenging obstacles discourage you, or take you off track from accomplishing your goals. If your fail, choose to perceive it differently. Perceive it as a new beginning, where you can choose to give up or to reset and try again. A lot of people succeed after several new beginnings. I feel the reason is because their understanding and experience with what they want to succeed in, is training them for success.

Courage builds your confidence, allowing you to be more expressive. A lot of people have insecurities, such as public speaking, and some fear human interaction or being alone. By empowering your courage, you will give you the strength and confidence to communicate and express your ideas, points, and beliefs to others. Courage can liberate us from our fear. For example, if a person is terrified to public speak, but needs to do so for professional reasons and they follow through with it, then it is an example of empowered courage. If they speak publicly a few more times and become accustomed to it, the less afraid they are of it. And with consistent strength to not give in to the fear, the fear becomes weaker and weaker. So weak and long forgotten that the person who once feared public speaking goes on to become a master at public speaking. Hence, courage can liberate you from your fears.



 Thank you for checking out my section about the benefits of empowering your courage. You can purchase the full book here, “14 Real Life Superpowers.” I will be grateful if you do.

If you liked my post please share it, post it, and spread it to as many people that can really benefit from empowering their courage. Maybe you will find this useful this useful for a spouse looking to change careers but is too afraid to make the switch. Or maybe you will find this a good read for a child you know who wants to do an activity like sports or music, but is a little shy. Whatever our reason for setting on this path, perhaps empowering courage will be a step in the direction to liberating ourselves from being spiritually crippled by our own fears.

Comment below on what you think the benefits of courage are for you. How can you use courage to become more successful in your own life?


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