Virtual Mentor: Idea of the Moment

Idea of the Moment: Virtual Mentor.

What is a Virtual Mentor?

A virtual mentor is someone that is an online mentor. As silly and simple as it sounds, a virtual mentor does not have to be someone you talk to face to face or in live time. Your virtual mentor doesn’t even have to know you personally; this is one of the great benefits of our time. Most of the time, the person we define as our desired mentor will be someone who has content that you consider valuable. If you are able to arrange and connect with a mentor and have one on one time that would extremely valuable as well. One on one mentorships allow for the mentor to personally and uniquely shape their advice around your specific circumstances.

Not everyone has one on one access to his or her dream mentor. We as mentees can still gain a significantly great amount of value from mentors without having any one on one time. Think about it. Picture in your mind, take your time, and imagine exactly who you would love to receive a mentorship from. Think of one person, or as many mentors as you want; I understand sometimes it can be challenging to choose only one. Now, once you have a clear picture in your mind of whom you want as a mentor, think about all the ways in which this mentor has the ability to provide you value. Can this mentor help me perfect my craft? Can this mentor help me network? Can this mentor provide me the proper guidance towards my success?

Really think clearly about the “what” and the “why” behind the reason for choosing this person or these people as your personal virtual mentor(s). Once you have a great volume of questions and examples as to how this mentor can benefit you, go out and learn from them! I don’t mean finding their address and knocking on their door.

We live in a globally connected world. Because of the Internet, we can find information and content from anyone who uses the Internet. The chances are in your favor that the virtual mentor you have in mind has an Internet presence, probably a strong presence as well. Think about it, if you have never met this dream mentor of yours in person, then chances are you found them on the Internet, tv, etc… And if they are a public figure on one of these media outlets, then they absolutely have a presence online.

Choose your virtual mentor, and learn from them through their content which they deliver online. Learn from these virtual mentors as much as you can! Follow them on social media, read their blogs, watch interviews, listen to podcasts, any useful and valuable content for you. If you find their content valuable, then support them! Buy their audiobook and listen to something that is relatable towards your passion, goals, and interests. There are a lot of inexpensive and free education platforms that you can learn on; personally, I use and Udemy.

You might be surprised as to the vast amounts of knowledge you can attain from these “dream mentors”, simply by learning from their content and applying what you learned to your life’s goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Accumulate knowledge, knowledge, and more knowledge from your virtual mentor’s content. Arrange and navigate through your virtual mentor’s content to make it as personal to your life as possible. As you continue to process and accumulate knowledge, become a practitioner. Do what many don’t, and what all successful people do, become a practitioner in your life and for your craft to grow and become better and better. Apply what you learn from your virtual mentor; make a choice and commitment to constantly grow towards becoming a greater you. Give yourself permission to become better and better and better and better and better. You can ask yourself one question, do I deserve and aspire to be better? If the answer is yes, then make the commitment to become better, seek advice, knowledge, and strategies for success from mentors. Whether the mentorship is in person, online, or a combination of both (I feel the combination of the two, if possible, is the best way.)

Last important note, have faith. Have faith in yourself that you have the capabilities and strength within you to achieve massive success!


Smiles and Roars,

Tridentlion (M. D. McGill)

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