Is Tai Lopez’s advice to “Read a Book a Day,” actually good???

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What’s up Internet? My name is TridentLion & welcome to this blog post. If you were on YouTube from 2014-2016 you probably came across one of Tai Lopez’s ads where he advocates & recommends people to read a book a day.

Now, is this advice actually good? Or does it just sound good?

For me reading, specifically non-fiction books, has been very valuable in my life. You can learn almost any kind of knowledge in a short amount of time, what took others years to learn. I find it fun to perceive reading similar to how in the movie “The Matrix,” Neo downloaded knowledge straight into his brain.

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To answer the question whether or not reading a book a day is good advice it will come down to the individual readers goals, motives & intentions for reading to begin with.

This topic of conversation brings to mind the idea of “Quality vs. Quantity,” as well as the discussion between the differences between; “Informational Knowledge vs. Applied Knowledge,” because by itself the advice to “Read a book a day,” can be either great advice or terrible advice.



Quality vs. Quanity

Is quantity really better?

My instinct would say no, however I can see how through quantity, quality can come. Like Michael Jordan missing thousands of shots before becoming a legend, through his quantity came quality, but we’re not discussing basketball. We’re discussing reading books in order to improve your life. So again it depends on the individual readers intentions, motives & goals.


If the reader has a goal to create a book summary website/database, then reading a book a day is good advice. Most people don’t want to do that so let’s say the reader’s goal is to start a ice cream store business, then reading a book a day may NOT be valuable advice because the reading will require to much time away from the business as well as family, health, etc…


Tai Lopez advice is good however I find it to be vague and should not be taken literal by everyone. Personally, I am grateful for the advice because it got me to read more. I found my reading sweet spot to read a book a week, unless the book is over 400 pages, if the book is over 400 pages then I’ll stretch that book goal to 2 weeks. But again I have to emphasis the important of considering the idea of “Quality vs. Quantity,” even amongst reading each book individually.


If you’re reading a book that is 700 pages filled with repetitive, boring, invaluable information then you are wasting your time. I have read books that were less than 200 pages but were 10X the value of other books I read which had over 500 pages!


So make a point to take into consideration what your goals, motives, and intentions are before reading a book that way you can extract the most value out of it as possible.


The worst thing to do with reading a lot is to fill up your brain with a lot of information disguised as knowledge.


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“Informational Knowledge vs. Applied Knowledge”

What sounds more valuable to you, information or knowledge?

Knowledge right?

Well this should be the goal when it comes to reading, how can you incorporate the knowledge you are acquiring from reading this book into your life to make some sort of improvement.

If you just read & read & read but don’t actually do anything different in your life then reading becomes classified as entertainment. Which, there is nothing wrong with being entertained. However as I have said in other blogs there is nothing wrong with being entertained & having fun just be sure to avoid neglecting priorities in life. If you neglect your priorities and focus primarily on entertainment than it can lead to suffering. I have been guilty of from time to time myself; I work a full time job and have a family of 2 kids, which I attend to. However during my free time I love being entertained but my priority during this free time is to focus on building this brand (TridentLion) as well as to learn more, create more, & inspire others. Lately being so tired of work and family time all day I have been entertaining myself in excess by playing Overwatch with friends as well as binging on “Stranger Things,” and wow what a great game & show. Show/movie watching is rare for me, but gaming, has always been my preferred style of escape, form of entertainment. Which again, there is nothing wrong with being entertained or having fun it just becomes a problem when you neglect priorities. We’re coming to the end of 2017 it’s time for me to get back aligned with my priorities and goals & focus less on entertainment. I’m calling November & December “grind season,” so expect more blogs & videos before the 2018 .

Let’s recap this blog and leave you with some valuable takeaways.

Read to learn more, to grow, to become better. Don’t read just to read, unless it is your preferred style of escape/entertainment & you are not neglecting your priorities in life.

If you are reading to improve then great, find niche books that would be valuable for you and incorporate what you learn in your life so you actually improve.

If you don’t know what you want then read more books on self -awareness as well as put yourself out there and try different things. If you are thinking you want to be a singer, for example, stop talking about it. Instead, go out there and sing, read books about singing, take lessons, & by you taking action you can either realize it’s not for you or you will be making proper life steps forwards towards improving your situation.

Don’t fear failure, or fear figuring out if your “dream” is not for you. It is better to go for it and fail than to sit on the sidelines always contemplating what your life would be like if only you purposed your interests/curiosity.

Now I feel this blog has turned into a bit of a ramble/rant, but I hope this post has been valuable for you and you were able to perceive the advice, “Read a book a day,” more effectively now.

I would love to hear your opinion on this topic, comment below what your thoughts are on the “Read a book a day,” advice.

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Thanks for checking out this blog post & until the next blog remember….

Always be learning, always be creating, & always be inspired!

Roars to you,




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