My YouTube Channels theme defined.

What’s up internet? My name is TridentLion & welcome to this blog post. If you haven’t visited my youtube channel, “TridentLion,” I feature a variety of book summaries & personal development tips all created to the style of mostly whiteboard animations. The content on the channel is geared to help you & others “LevelUp.”

So what exactly does “LevelUp” mean?

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Now some of you may be thinking, that is great and all but what does level up actually mean. Or you may be wondering how it can be applied to your life in a valuable way.

Well to help you better understand what the concept of “Level Up” means we have to go back to the concepts origins. It all came about during a reading session of the book “Your One Word,” by Evan Carmichael. Evan Carmichael is a youtuber who helps entrepreneurs believe in themselves as well as their business endeavors. In the book Evan discusses how businesses motives can be simplified by a single word. Evan’s one word specifically is “believe.” Fortunately for readers the book has valuable content geared to help you discover what your one word is. After several days of self-analysis I came to a conclusion that my one word can be described in kind of a 2 word, word. That word for me was “Levelup” or “Level Up,” however you choose to spell it. Personally I prefer just spelling it as one word because it’s cool and why not?

I guess an easier acronym I could of chosen would have been “Improvement,” or “Growth.” Both of those words would have been easier for the consumer to understand but I just wasn’t feeling it. “LevelUp” for me is so much more exciting, fun, & captivating. This is most likely attributed to my love of gaming. Gaming has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid and is definitely my preferred flavor of entertainment.

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When I think of the word “LevelUp,” I think of a character in a video game leveling up. By that video game character leveling up, it then makes the game more fun & interesting, as well as the character in the game becoming more dynamic, powerful, & fun. So now let’s use that example of a character in a video game leveling up in comparison to you and your life. You are the character and the game you are playing is life. No not the nostalgic and fun board game LIFE, but I’m referring to life itself.

If you are playing the main character (you), in the game (reality), how can you “LevelUp,” to make the game (reality) more fun & interesting.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 11.28.59 PM

Some subscribers to the channel understood what I mean by “levelUp” immediately; my guess is that they’re gamers.

I felt this blog to necessary because I understand the channels theme or “One Word,” is not clearly defined, and is not understood by everyone that visited the site. Of course I didn’t always understand this. It took some non-sugar coated advice from YouTube certified expert Tim Schmoyer. I did a channel review with Tim a few months ago and he said he didn’t understand it. He thought the theme of “LevelUp” was cool however extremely vague. I remember he said something like, “okay level up in life to achieve what?” The truth hit me pretty hard that day.

Even though I took his advice to heart I still love the theme of “LevelUp,” and want to continue with it as the channels theme. However now I find it to be my responsibility to deliver a clear message regarding this theme “LevelUp,” for you and other subscribers.

So here is the message you are living your life & there are area in which you strive to improve. Use the TridentLion channel as a way to efficiently learn. The channel has a variety of information, the bulk of the content being personal development tips as well as book summaries.

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Regardless of what area in life you are seeking to improve, there is valuable content there for you, whether you want to improve your finances, relationships, creativity, self-awareness, etc…

I don’t claim to be an expect yet by any stretch of the imagination, however I perceive myself as a student & artist. I am also looking to improve, “LevelUp,” my life in a variety of areas. So as I am learning myself by reading various books & consuming various content, I strive to simplify what I learn and redistribute the content to you in a fun, easy to understand artistic way. The artistic way is the whiteboard animation videos.

In the business side of my brain, I wish the content was more niche, and I wish the theme was easier to understand for everyone, & I wish the name TridentLion wasn’t so random. I wish for these things only when I think of what I’m doing on this channel as a business, because it would make things easier in a lot of ways.

But when I think of this channel as my journey as a student & artistic I wish for none of those things to change. I love how the name TridentLion makes me perceive my channel as a game that I play for fun & play to win, because my gamer tag has been TridentLion since I got my 1st xbox live account back when the Xbox 360 was the hottest gaming device out. I love the theme “LevelUp” because it helps be perceive personal development in the most fun & exciting way possible. I love not being to niche in one specific topic because there is so much I want to learn and discover. I apologize in advance if you came to my channel for finance advice then one week I post a video on philosophy or relationship advice. However I do promise that all the content would be geared in a way that you can extract some value out of it so you can then implement the value in your life and have some level of improvement.

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(Side discussion about the channel as well as future goals)

Now yes on occasion I do post vlogs and channel update videos but I wouldn’t post it if I weren’t excited to share it with you. The bulk of the content is personal development but I like letting you all get to know more about me personally as well as keep you up to date and informed on what’s going on with the channel. The channel “update video’s,” I have only created 3 of and will continue to be created once a season. So next update I’ll do will be after the holidays.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 11.24.29 PM

The Vlogs have been like a once a month thing mostly due to camera shyness, however I am playing around with the idea of starting a family Vlog channel separate from TridentLion where I will upload all my vlogs.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 11.23.44 PM

Also sometime next month I will be launching my official gaming channel. The one I currently have has been a great learning experience but failed due to only gaming on a console. I am getting a new gaming PC! So when I do choose to game I will share my hobby and experiences with you. By doing this I feel it will also help reveal the more fun & humorous side to my personality. Hopefully throughout 2018 you will have more of a well-rounded perspective of me through the 3 channels (TridentLion, Family Vlogs, & Gaming.)

This blog has turned into a little bit of a ramble but who cares. I am a bit of a rambler it is just the Meta of my personality. I hope it has given you a better understanding of my YouTube channels theme “LevelUp.” Remember it is vague theme because it is meant for your integration. Integrate you life first by establishing what, in your life, do you want to improve. What areas of life do you specifically what to level up in? Do you want to have better relationships? Do you want better understanding of finances? Do you want to learn how to be confident? Define what it is exactly you want improve, then use this channel as a your self-improvement library. Find the content that is beneficial to you, consume the content, then most importantly take action and implement the content into your life for real significant lasting improvement. As I stated earlier not all this content will be the same and not all this content will be for you. However as a side note, if you binge watched all my videos regardless if it was information you were seeking or not I would love you for it.

Not all the content on this channel will be the same just like how not every food item at a buffet is rice. Variety & choice are the key successful qualities that make a buffet and I hope you can now perceive the TridentLion channel as a knowledge buffet. Find the food “content” that is right for you and “eat” consume as much of it as you wish.

Thank you so much for checking out this blog post on “What does “LevelUp“ actually mean?” If you are new to the blog please subscribe here as well as to my YouTube channel. Also follow me on other social sites as well. I am most active on YouTube & Instagram. However you can also find me on Facebook, Medium, Snapchat(Tridentlion1), Twitter, & even SoundCloud you’ll discover some music I produced back in 2015.

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Thanks again and until the next blog post remember, to always be learning, always be creating, & always be inspired!

Roars to you,


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