So who is Grant Cardone?

Well I don’t know exactly, does Grant Cardone himself even know who Grant Cardone is?

This question can be perceived in a variety of different ways it can be philosophical, it can be vague, it can even be simplified as to what Grant Cardone does for a living, or what accomplishments he has achieved. All of those cliché answers like what he has accomplished or how he earns a living is way to typical of an answer and in my opinion, it’s not a complete answer.

How does Wikipedia answer the question of who is Grant Cardone?

Wikipedia says that he is a author, motivation speaker, real estate investor, & sales trainer.

Now I’m sure even Grant would agree with me this is just scratching the surface. There must be a vast amount of mystery around who Grant Cardone is as a person. He’s a father, a husband, as well as those things Wikipedia says he is.

I have read 6 of Grant’s books and I even made book summary videos on many of his books that I’ve read! Of his books I have read, “10X Rule,” “Be Obsessed or Be Average,” “Secrets of Selling,” “Sell or Be Sold,” “The Closers Survival Guide,” & “The Millionaire Booklet.” The reason for reading so much of his books is surprising not because of my YouTube channel but actually it’s due to my day job in sales, (Real estate). There is much value regarding sales from Grant Cardone, believe me if there wasn’t I would of stopped reading at the 1st book I read of his.

Also as a side note Grant Cardone is literally one of my favorite narrators in audiobooks. Grant is super captivating, convincing, funny, and overall entertaining as well as informative.


So who is Grant Cardone?

I think this question will conjure a variety of different answers as well as a variety of different perceptions regarding the question itself! So the vague answer is on the internet just Google the dude.

A more valuable way for you to answer this question is… Who is Grant Cardone for you? What is your perception of him, and how is he valuable for you in your life?

To give you an example, Grant Cardone for me is a virtual sales/entrepreneurship mentor.

I’m on board for acknowledging him as a father, husband, real estate investor, motivational speakers, etc…

But for me Grant Cardone is a virtual sales/entrepreneurship mentor.

Without Grants help I would not have exceled at my sales job achieving “rookie of the year,” & a consistent increase in income year by year.

So again for me to answer the question of:

Who is Grant Cardone?

I have to put it into context regarding my life. Grant Cardone is a virtual sales/entrepreneurship mentor to me, as well as a great author, which I recommend for anyone involved in sales, business, & entrepreneurship.


Now I am going to turn the question over to you.

Who is Grant Cardone to you?

Comment what is your perspective of Grant Cardone, how has his content served you in a valuable way.

Thank you for checking out this blog post & until the next one remember…

To always be learning, always be creating, & always be inspired!

Roars to you,

Matthew aka TridentLion

( #Realdeal #milliondollargiveaway #10X )


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