“The Art of War” (TOP 3 Strats!!!)


“Swift as the wind, quiet as the forest, conquer like the fire, be steady as the mountain”

-Sun Tzu

What’s up internet?

My name is TridentLion, and welcome to another episode of “3 Takeaways in 3 Minutes.” (BLOG VERSION)

On this blog I going to be featuring the timeless classic book by Sun Tzu called “The Art of War.”

video version of blog here

This book is strategy book on warfare that contains many useful strategies, which are still applicable to this day. If you are in any type of competition whether it be sports, business, gaming, or even creative fields like music, writing, etc… Then this book can be valuable and useful for you.

Being how old and widely available this book is one thing you should ask yourself is, can I afford to not read this?

The reason for the question is because your competition may have read this book and adapted some of the strategies in order to defeat you. When in competition it is simply not worth risking the allowance of your opponents to have a upper hand on you. So do your self a favorite and pick up a copy of this book for yourself, you can find a link in the description below.


Now back to the 3 Takeaways….

The 1st takeaway or strategy I should say from this book is,

“Appear weak when you are strong, and appear strong when you are weak.”

Combat is a lot of psychology and deception. By appearing weak when you’re strong it almost baits the opponent to attack when you are at your best and on the contrary by appearing strong when you are weak will hopefully intimidate the opponent enough to avoid combat when you are at your weakest.


The 2nd takeaway strategy is,

“If you know the enemy and know yourself; you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

Ignorance is not bliss when you are in any type of competition of battle. Self-awareness and awareness of the competition or enemy will increase your chances of victory and give you the upper hand.


And the last takeaway strategy, takeaway #3,

“Opportunities are multiplied as they are seized.”

Of course you don’t want to go around seizing every possible opportunity, it’s better to be calculated in your approach. But it is on you to strike when the iron is hot so they say. Success breeds more success, don’t miss out on your opportunities to advance when they present themselves. Think of a boxer or fighter with an open opportunity for a knock out punch. If the hesitates or delays the opportunity, he may miss a crucial shot at victory, or worse, get knocked out himself. There is a momentum that can be built by taking appropriate action on opportunities to advance. But again it’s on you to take action, competitive strategy is only interesting in theory, where it becomes valuable is in the applying and implementing of strategies to your situation.

Thank you so much for checking out this episode of 3 Takeaways in 3 Minutes, please leave the video a like and comment what your favorite takeaway was, also if you’re new to my content subscribe to my youtube channel and instagram @Tridentlion

Until the next blog remember, to always be learning, always be creating & always be inspired!


Roars to you,



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