Dealing with Creators Block, Addiction, Heart to Heart Discussion, etc….

Lately I have been experiencing creators block which I express in my most recent YouTube video.  -> Dealing with addiction, creators block, heart to heart discussion, confession

The Channel has be amazing with regards of growth and providing an overall platform for me to create video which is something I love.

However there has to be more to life than just book summaries!
The majority of the videos on my channel (TridentLion) are book summaries.
I love reading and creating these summaries however it is not the only thing I want to create.
Being that I restricted my creative style it lead to not only a creative block but also an addiction.
I have been addicted to the game Overwatch!
Overwatch is a FPS video game which is absolutely awesome.
In a older video of mine I actually recommend gaming as a positive activity.
However there was a big contingency with the advice to playing video games in that video.
The contingency was to NOT neglect priorities in order to play games.
Which over the past few weeks I have. Through self analysis and honesty these realization came to me.
I’m excited to get the ball rolling on video/audio production. I look forward to sharing with you all my future projects that will be featured on my channel. (TridentLion)
Until the next blog remember….
Always be learning, always be creating, & always be inspired!
Roars to you,




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