3 Ways to deal with Rejection!

Whats up internet?
My name is TridentLion. 1st I want to Thank Practical Wisdom for having me I’m super excited to get into this topic for you guys on rejection.
This is episode #8 of the TridentLion series “3 Takeaways in 3 minutes.” And yes this episode will feature 3 ways of coping with & overcoming rejection.

Video Version here

Rejection is painful. Whether we are looking for a job, a sale, or even a date. Rejection sucks and no one likes when it happens to them.
Here is a reality check!
Rejection is a part of life. Trying to go through life experiencing no rejection is a unrealistic goal.
I know it sucks that we have to deal with rejection however suffering because of rejection is an option. So here are 3 takeaways that can help assist you in coping with & getting over the suffering emotions that come along with being rejected.
These 3 takeaways I have used to deal with the inevitable rejection that I have faced doing a sales job for over 3 years, where success is having a 20-25% closing percentage, that means me and other collegues have to cope with being rejected about 80% of the time!
So you can imagine Ive come acustom to the scary word, “no.”

Takeaway #1 Treat your rejection percentage as math.
Regardless of who you are or what your goal is, being rejected is inevitable. So treat the rejection ratio or percentage simply as math. Dont take it personal or get emotional over it. Keep moving forward until you get your “Yes.”

Takeaway #2 Have the correct mindset. Author Mark Manson best selling book “The subtle art of not….” has done wonders for people including those who deal with rejection. Have a mindset where you simply dont care about the results. However have a contingency with this mindset where yes you dont care but you do try 100% to succeed. So whether your trying to land a new job, or a new date. Give it your 100% so even if it’s not a success you can sleep well at night knowing you gave it your all.

And the last takeaway. Takeaway #3 Diverse your goal profolio. Basically you need to create a variety of different goals.
Let’s say you have a sales job, and your only goals in life are tied to your job. Well when the inevitable rejection occurs it can negatively play with your emotions if you allow it. It can easy to go from feeling like a winner to feeling like a loser when your focus is on 1 type of goal. Have job goals, health goals, family goals, chores goals, side hustle goals, hobby goals, etc… A variety of goals can keep your spirits up so when your experiencing rejection from any type of goal, you can say… “well hey at least ive been accomplishing all these other goals at this moment.”
A variety of goals can help you maintain the mindset of a achiever, and of a winner which will help you easily cope with & overcome the negative feelings that come along with feeling rejected.

Thank you so much checking out this video my name is TridentLion. This has been the 8th episode of 3 Takeaways in 3 Minutes. You can find the rest of series on the TridentLion channel, be sure to subscribe as well as Practical Wisdom.

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