3 Ways to be More Outgoing

Do you struggle with social interactions?
Have you ever wanted to become more outgoing?
Imagine how you would feel if you were more outgoing & confident. Social interactions is important with regards to many areas of life. Career, friends, love life, side hustles, family gatherings, etc… There is nothing wrong with being an introvert either. Whether you’re an introvert or just have social anxiety you should still be able to reap the valuable benefits that social interactions can bring.
What’s up internet? My name is TridentLion.
This is a blog post of the YouTube series “3 Takeaways in 3 Minutes.” This episode is #10 on 3 ways to be more outgoing.
Takeaway #1:
Adopt some principles from Dale carnieges classic book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I can’t get into all of them in the blog but here’s a few.
-Become geniunely interested in others
-Use others first or preferred names
-Make the conversation about the person your talking too
People are infinitely more interested in themselves than others. So making the conversation about them will make the social interaction all the more easy for you.
Now for the second and third takeaways I collaborated with BePrimo. The Takeaways they presented were as followed…
Takeaway #2:
Have questions prepared that you can ask anyone to start a conversation, and/or continue a conversation.
My expansion on this takeaway is to make sure the questions you ask make them feel good. For example I’ve been doing sales for 5 years and when I have a client thats a couple Ill ask them how they met each other, or what was the 1st date like. It is important to make the conversation fun & interesting for them, by doing so it will make your social interactions easier and more valuable.
Takeaway #3
Always say yes.
This takeaway BePrimo presented I have mixed feelings towards.  In general I dont think it is best to always say yes no matter what. However with the context of this blog, “How to be more outgoing?” It can be valuable & benefitical to say yes to social gatherings & interaction if your goal is to be more outgoing. To be outgoing and social you have to put yourself in situations to do so. The more social situations you can put yourself into the easier socializing in general can become.
Thank you so much for reading, follow me on instagram @tridentlion also, be sure to check out the video to this blog here and until the next video remember always be learning, always be creating, and always be inspired.
Roars to you,

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