What if you don’t have one passion to follow?

What happens when we experience writers block? Creators block? Do anything with your life block?
Should we do nothing? Or something?
Is it better to do nothing at all? Or is it better to at least do something even if it is not meant to work out in the long run.
I guess it is better to do something. Doing something can lead towards something good. Find the value, be a value extractor. By doing something with your time, with your life, you will at the very least learn something. Learn more about yourself. Discover what you like, what you don’t like. What your good at, and what you’re bad at.
I have struggled with analysis paralysis on and off all my life. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I want to create and/or do next in my life so I do nothing. Sometimes I want to do so many different things at once that I end up doing nothing. Cause what’s the point? Can we really accomplish anything great doing it part time? If we divide our time among-st a bunch of different projects what’s the likelihood of creating something great? Slim to none. The reality is our divided projects will be not as great as they could be if we instead went all-in on one project at a time.
To go all-in though would require a sacrifice.
A sacrifice of all other projects.
This does not sit well with me nor does it feel right for many others i’m sure.
So what do we do?  
I DON’T think the answer is to do…
It is better to do a lot of different things than to do nothing. Also it might be worth taking a look at how your variety of ideas and projects might be able to come together and work as one. For example maybe you want to sell on amazon, make YouTube videos, and be a personal fitness trainer. Do your fitness training to get paid maybe even ask if your clients don’t mind being filmed to create a vlog series on your personal trainer life. Also make basic how to fitness videos. Then you can sell niche fitness material on your amazon seller page and promote the products through both YouTube and personal trainer clients.
So as you can see that’s one example of combining projects to meet a common goal.
What are some of the various projects that you are interested in pursuing?
Comment what some of them are and maybe we can find some common ground among them all.
I suppose the point of this blog is to lay out the reality of my situation from time to time, I don’t want to be a person that does nothing. Analysis paralysis is very real, crippling so many people all across the world from pursuing there ideas and curiosity. If you feel like a failure for following your curiosity and not achieving any level of greatness yet, your not alone. People that have 1 passion, 1 interest, and say to “follow your passion,” are so lucky. It is mildly annoying hearing how others success when they “follow there passion” and knew what there passion was from a young age. It is mildly annoying for those out there that do not know what there passion is, or who have multiple passions. For those of us that don’t know what our passion is, at least we have some sort of curiosity. So with a lack of passion to follow our next best bet is to instead follow our curiosity.
What are you curious about? What can you do today to scratch your curiosity itch?
I apologize for this because a bit of a venting rant as well as a blog. But the conflicting passions, and interests in my life have been frustrating me for a while. I like to write, make videos, music, and provide for my family, financially, emotionally, etc… Life is a buffet and i enjoy variety.
Thank you for reading this blog I hope this was valuable & I would love to connect with you on social media.
Until the next blog remember….
Always be learning, always be creating, and always be inspired!

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