Sadness is just like rain!

Sadness is like Rain.

It comes and it goes.

video version!

It’s comes sometimes for a long time and other times for a short time.
You can’t fight the fight, and you can always fight sadness. Sometimes you just have to wait out the storm and let the sadness pass.
What about depression?
Prolonged sadness, maybe that’s like living somewhere that rains everyday. If you live somewhere that rains everyday and you hate the rain it’s time move. Move to a different location that doesn’t rain as much.
Now how can that be compared to sadness. Well if you are feeling depressed, and sadness go move. Walk, exercise, run around, motion creates emotion. I’ve had countless of experiences where I was feeling down about something then went for a walk and went for a long jog and felt much better afterwards. If you are feeling down get up, get out of your sadness hole, the iconic fetal position, move yourself, run, dance, stretch. Of course some sadness takes time and exercise want be a permanent fix, but it can at least be a powerful remedy for you in the time being.
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Thanks again for reading and until the next blog remember… Always be learning, always be creating, always be inspired!

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