How to take the Red Pill(s)



The iconic red pill from the matrix.

Video Version Here

What if it is not a single pill you take. Instead what if it’s more like a vitamin, a pill you have to take multiple times, frequently, weekly, maybe even daily.

The red pill is truth. No one single documentary, experience, psychedelic trip, book, etc can make someone woke, or fully aware of truth. Truth is something that gets gradually released to someone’s awareness overtime. Now of course we can sometimes take blue pills thinking they’re red pills, misinformation happens all the time. Taking red pills can sometimes reveal things we thought was true but is actually false.

The goal for taking red pills is to become aware of the truth. Over time these red pills will mold and sculpt our perspectives and experiences to be ever more aligned with truth. The big question is what is truth and what is false?

What red pills are actually blue pills pretending to be red pills?

What are the credentials and evidence required for us to have common ground as factual, as truth. Can it be achieved?

The reason for needed to find common ground as to what makes something true is because there are people that deny real truths every day.

Comment below what you think defines something as true or false.

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